Perambulating the Bounds

Friday, November 06, 2009

Last minute Nashville Visual Arts Events November 2009

I thought this was going to be the month the listing died, but here I am with a few minutes to spare and we’ll see what we can get done tonight. And I’ll see what occurs to me as I type this up, but a couple of highlights this month are Gregg Schlanger’s installation at Twist, which I have high hopes for, and the concert at Sri Ganesha on Nov. 13, which has all the makings of one of the really transcendent ones.

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November 7

Tinney Contemporary, David Teplica.

Blend, Jared Freihoefer.

Twist, Gregg Schlanger, Monica Quattrochio, and Kelly Bonadies. I love Gregg’s politics and the issues he deals with—he’s dealt with water in a few different ways, including pieces that address the preservation of local rivers and the life in them. This piece is about the need for water around the world, which is a charged topic, taking you into worlds of development and corporate predation as well as environment. Monica is a photographer and Gregg’s wife and she’s contributing a photographic series on water.

Twist, Handmade in the Arcade. If the shows upstairs weren’t enough, Twist has organized a market for local artists/artisans to peddle their clothes, accessories, prints, handmade books, all that. It starts at 1:00 and runs through Art Crawl.

The Arts Company, Ed Rode and Steven Walker.

Davis Art Advisory, Jeremy Hughes.

Plowhaus at the Arcade.

MIR Gallery. Madonna Et Al

Downtown Presbyterian Church, Installation Causation. Installations around the church building by most of the resident artists: Jodi Hays, Liz Streight, Beth Gilmore, Tasha French, Aaron Doenges, Richard Feaster, and Tom Wills.

Estel, Sean O’Meallie. I have not fallen for O’Meallie’s sculptures, but people whose opinions I trust are passionate about his work, so take their better informed recommendation, not mine, and check it out. This is a closing show. Estel will have something else together for Artrageous.

Zeitgeist at Terrazzo, group show. Patrick DeGuira, Brady Haston, Hans Schmitt-Matzen, and Manuel Zeitlin. Also, Zeitgeist opened a show by Lars Strandh at their main gallery on Thursday and his stuff is really compelling and it looks good from the street. I need to stop by there. So do you.

Masonic Lodgings Gallery, 1 Cannery Row, Impotent Dogs.

Gallery O, Olga Aleexeva

Dunn Brothers Coffee, In.Form.All

November 8

Scarritt-Bennett Gallery F: Aisha Cousins talk. Cousins is in town for her Diva Dutch project at TSU, which opened last week, and will be giving at talk at Scarritt-Bennett at 7.

November 12

Vanderbilt Gallery 204, Complex Simplicity.

November 13

Sri Ganesha Temple, R. Suryaprakash. This is a concert of Carnatic vocals, and looks like it could be very good. Sryaprakash is accompanied by B. V. Raghavendra Rao on violin and Thanjavur K. Murugaboopathi on Mridangam. Concert starts at 7 in Bellevue.

Open Lot, Red Carpet. Big cast of characters for this: Matt Alexander, Mike Calway-Fagan, Laura Cavaliere, Skye Gilkerson, Kris Harzinski, Ron Lambert, Jonathan Lisenby, Adrienne Outlaw, Christine Peterson, Randy Purcell, Thomas Sturgill and Pulled Resources, and Ruth Zelanski.

Oedipus the King at the Parthenon. On Nov. 13-15 and Nov. 19-21, John Holleman’s 3-actor troupe will be presenting a version of the Sophocles play in the Parthenon.

Tinney, David Teplica talk.

November 14

Shelby Bottoms Nature Center, Erika Wollam.

Little Hamilton, Undefined: A Study in Personal Identity. Art works submitted anonymously, one show at this coop space and resource center.

November 20

Watkins, Mandy Stoller Senior Show.

November 21

Rymer, Emily Leonard

Scarritt-Bennett Gallery F: Kaethe Wenzel talk and performance. Wenzel is an art historian who will give a talk about German art since reunification and will then do a performance that involves painting robots. I may be providing musical accompaniment for that.

Charlie Bob’s restaurant, Southern Culture Lowbrow Extravaganza. Group show organized by Watkins students that includes Jeff Bertrand, Charles V. Bennett, Brandt Hardin, Ben Johnson, Stephen Jones, Erin Lord, Mandy Stoller, Brooke Elizabeth, and Brittany Smith.

Cumberland, Small Packages show.