Perambulating the Bounds

Friday, November 17, 2006

One Night Drawing show tonight

Kristi Hargrove is doing a show at her studio of work by her drawing students. The work I've seen looks really good, especially a bunch of pieces by Iwonka Waskowski. It's just tonight, Friday night, at the studio on Hawkins, which is a street between 8th and 12th just after you cross I40 heading out of town. Mapquest it. It's not hard to find.

Here's a writeup on the show that didn't make it into the Scene this week:

“FLATLINE”/HARGROVE-YONTZ STUDIOS The meticulous drawing of Kristi Hargrove is one of the delights and wonders of the Nashville art scene, and she also teaches drawing at the Watkins College of Art and Design. This one-night show at her studio displays the work of seven people studying with her, 6 current Watkins students (Jonathan Abarquez, Adam Bennett, Kelly Bonadies, Janet Heilbronn, Myrna Talbot and John Whitten) and one recent graduate, Iwonka Waskowski. Waskowski in particular seems to have come up with very strong stuff—vivid, fleshy compositions that slip subtle bits of representational figures into abstract shapes. As a group, her drawings also show a confident logic in their formal progressions from image to image. The exhibit will be for one night only, 6-9 PM on Fri., Nov. 17, at 911 Hawkins Street.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Playing out this weekend

Brady Sharp and I (aka Bluff) are playing out two nights in a row this weekend, first at Buzz and Click on Saturday at the End with a bunch of other groups, lots of electronic stuff (hence buzzes and clicks, some beats), and then Sunday a Ruby Green show that features a group from Louisville, Ut Gret. I don’t know their music, but it looks to be an acoustic group that draws on a lot of world music. I do know that the reeds player in the group, Steve Good, is excellent. He played with Sapat at Dino’s a while back. So I trust that this will be good, and not too prissy world-musicy. Taiwan Deth is playing this show too.

Here’s the Buzz and Click lineup.

3kStatic (from St Petersburg, FL) (computers & electronics)
Circuit Breakers (Chattanooga) (computers & electronics)
Anemone (Murfreesboro) (computers & electronics)
aTHeNa BLue (electronic keyboards)
The Potato Battery Experiment (sax, potato battery & more). Deanna Varragona—very interesting stuff.
Taiwan Deth (guitar, sax and electronics)
Bluff Duo (winds & prepared guitar)
Let's Say Baltimore (drums, bass, guitars & electronics)
Matt Hamilton (guitar & effects)
Logickal (computers and electronics)

Buzz and Click is at the End, 8 on Saturday. Ruby Green show is Sunday at 9