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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Playing out this weekend

Brady Sharp and I (aka Bluff) are playing out two nights in a row this weekend, first at Buzz and Click on Saturday at the End with a bunch of other groups, lots of electronic stuff (hence buzzes and clicks, some beats), and then Sunday a Ruby Green show that features a group from Louisville, Ut Gret. I don’t know their music, but it looks to be an acoustic group that draws on a lot of world music. I do know that the reeds player in the group, Steve Good, is excellent. He played with Sapat at Dino’s a while back. So I trust that this will be good, and not too prissy world-musicy. Taiwan Deth is playing this show too.

Here’s the Buzz and Click lineup.

3kStatic (from St Petersburg, FL) (computers & electronics)
Circuit Breakers (Chattanooga) (computers & electronics)
Anemone (Murfreesboro) (computers & electronics)
aTHeNa BLue (electronic keyboards)
The Potato Battery Experiment (sax, potato battery & more). Deanna Varragona—very interesting stuff.
Taiwan Deth (guitar, sax and electronics)
Bluff Duo (winds & prepared guitar)
Let's Say Baltimore (drums, bass, guitars & electronics)
Matt Hamilton (guitar & effects)
Logickal (computers and electronics)

Buzz and Click is at the End, 8 on Saturday. Ruby Green show is Sunday at 9


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