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Friday, August 06, 2010

Nashville Visual Arts Events August 2010

Comings and goings in the Arcade this month: First, Twist Gallery celebrates its 4th birthday. At the same time, Davis Art Advisory has closed up its physical exhibit space for now. So Twist, to celebrate its birthday, is expanding into the space Sera was leasing. Twist is inaugurating its new space with an exhibit by Todd Greene. Who was the first artist to show at Twist, and the first to show when Twist had its second space down the hall.

Got this out too late to get the openings on Thursday night. For one, Zeitgeist has the latest round of its Right to Assemble group show—this installment includes Phillip Carpenter, Vesna Pavlović, Brent Stewart, and John Whitten. And LeQuire opened a show in late July called the “Dark Palette” to complement their previous show on the “Influence of White.”

And getting this out late enough that I’m going to settle for several entries that are just the venue and artist. Sorry I wasn’t able to do more.

Next Thursday (the 12th) Brady Sharp and I are playing in Birmingham as part of The Improvisor Festival, organized by LaDonna Smith. All sorts of great people are playing there all month.

Winter’s Bone is playing a few more times at the Belcourt this weekend. It’s quite amazing. And the last few Kurosawa films, new print of Breathless, and so on.

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August 7

Gallery F, The Fisherwoman: An Artistic Response to the Gulf Oil Crisis. Group show with work by Iris Kleinschmidt, Erin Plew, Matt Christy, Adriana Larios, Patricia Earnhardt, Robert Bruce Scott, Channing Bailey, Maya Moore and dance performances by Maya Moore, Megan Harrold, Lily Heine, and Adrienne Bailey with music/sound by Tony Youngblood and Charlie Rauh.

Blend, Ben Vitualla One of Blend’s founders, Ben has put together a project to address crime in East Nashville. He’s led community activities like video and art projects, questionnaires, and information areas, with life-size figures of children were painted at the events by attendees and then displayed outside of their homes as public art in private spaces in East Nashville neighborhoods In addition to the opening at Blend, there will be related events at the Tomato Festival in 5 Points on August 14 and an artist talk at Blend on Saturday the 21st.

Twist, Mitch O’Connell and Todd Greene. In the original Twist gallery, their show by Chicago artist O’Connell continues. But this time there will be live tattooing by Kustom Thrills. As mentioned in the opening, Todd’s got an exhibit in the new space/Davis Art Advisory’s old space. And there will be music—by Todd’s group Bulb and Eastern Block.

The Arts Company, Annual Avant-Garage Sale and equestrian paintings by Marek Bohemus

Rymer,SCAD MFA graduates. Tony and Margy Rich, Christopher Priore, Nora Mulheren, Jonathan Yoerger and Masumi Nyui.

Estel,.R. Ellis Orrall

Tinney, Todd Alexander

August 10

Open Lot, Audrey Chen and Luca Marini. Audrey is a cellist and vocalist, trained classically at a high level, who in the last several years has burst into the experimental and improvised music world. She’s performed in all sorts contexts with a lot of different collaborators and a surprisingly large number of fairly regular groups. Here she is performing with the percussionist Marini as Kamama.

August 14

5 Points, Tomato Art Show

August 21

Gallery One, Thomas Monaghan

Gallery F, Ripple Effect. Collaborative project led by French artist Corinne Spielewoy involving 26 local artists who have created a set of related pieces, done in a sequential fashion. At the opening the Scarritt-Bennett resident artists will also have a studio open house.

August 22

Harpeth Hall, Lori Putnam At the Marnie Sheridan Gallery, opening from 3-5

August 28

Billups, Diorama-o-rama. As the name suggest, dioramas! Participating artists include Jeff Bertrand, Charles V. Bennett, Dustin Dirt, Brooke E., Dave Fritts, Brandt & Aurora Hardin, Mai Harris, Julian Herrera, Jessica Hill, Jonny Lashley, Kevin Presley, David Pound, Amanda Sekulow, Brittany Danielle Smith and Greg Veach.

Open Lot, Printervention.

September 1

Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery, Tyler Hicks. Photographs of the conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq take over the entire course of the Long War.