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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Report from Victoriaville

This article on the Victoriaville Festival talks about Anthony Braxton sitting in for a set with Wolf Eyes.

The fact this encounter took place reaffirms my own sense that jazz-based improvisation (OK, Braxton himself has always disavowed "jazz" as a term) belongs with everything that tumbles out of punk, metal, and noise. People involved in this just have to pursue it with as much conviction as they can muster, trust the places it goes, and try to stay clear of their indigenous conventions.

The review also gives a positive mention to the No Neck Blues Band. It's nice to see after the strong show they put on in Nashville. From what I've heard, their shows can be very uneven, which I believe is a function of the level of risks they take. Reports of other good shows encourage me that my faith is not misplaced.


  • AMEN! thanks for the link to this review... very exciting news indeed.

    although perhaps not as "significant" a moment as the reviewer claims, since john zorn was playing w/ napalm death over 10 years ago, for example, but still significant and wonderful that braxton and wolf eyes performed together.

    i guess if we could all just "get along" and enjoy music broadly without getting bogged down in camps and factions, that wouldn't leave much for the critics to gossip about.

    By Anonymous Jon, at 12:53 PM  

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