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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

RIP Dave Schnaufer

Dulcimer player, virtuoso really, David Schnaufer died today from cancer. A lot of people I know really loved this guy. I got a chance to play with him through the Transcendental Crayon Ensemble. We played a tune of his and an arrangement he had done of I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry which gave that song a completely new character. I remember most was the ringing, clear sound he got off his amplified dulcimer. Wonderful. And he was very generous to do this show with us, considering the level he was at and the kind of people he played with.


  • iam not sure if you are aware dave but david considered the tce to be of a very high level.
    david would come over to my house every week
    and we would watch the previous weeks
    tce preformance on tape. he thought we
    were the coolest thing he had ever seen.
    iam certain he was just has honored
    to share the stage with you as vice versa.
    i know this with utmost certainty as david
    and i talked about it at great length. he felt
    the tce to be one of the greatest bands in nashville
    and yes he was busy and that was the only show
    he came to. however he was there on time and he left with a huge smile on his face. also i had
    been going over to his house to work out parts with
    dave for the songs that we played. the original
    "viper moon" was a ode to marijuana smokers
    which dave informed me were known as vipers.
    further investigation reveals that sidney bechet
    had many songs with mention of vipers as well
    as louis armstrong.

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