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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A new Watkins Senior show going up

The Watkins senior shows are always worth checking out, usually coming in groups at the end of the semester. This weekend Mahlea Jones, Debbie Kraski, and Elizabeth Moore open their show. I've seen a few of Mahlea's pieces over the years (and missed several chances to see her work in Off the Wall shows), and have always liked the look of them. The description in the press release talks about "using the allure of female visual and fragrant adornments." If it's not a typo (fragments of adornments or something like that), it sounds like she's doing something interesting like working in olfactory elements (like that Soares piece at Cheekwood with the lilies entombed in it). I think I've seen Debbie Kraski's work before, not sure, and pretty sure I haven't seen Elizabeth Moore's stuff. But from the PR description, she's unapologetically talking about God and grace, and I always want to see if people can really work with that and not end up with something trite, that basically invokes faith in place of craft and conceptualization in the production of art work.

The show opens on Friday (the 20th), the reception is 6-8.


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