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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Annie Sellick -- at Twist Gallery no less

Always up to something different, Twist is hosting a concert by Annie Sellick this Saturday (7/23). They’ve had pretty extensive performance before in association with openings (Todd Greene’s band Bulb or variations on it for one), but this is a pure music event. Annie is a remarkably good jazz vocalist, arguably the best in Nashville (I say arguably because there’s a number of other jazz singers in town, and there are the definitional questions of who you include as jazz singers). The times I’ve heard her she performed standards, old-school style, done really well—technically on, well-chosen songs, interpreted in interesting ways. She’s accompanied on this show by a piano trio. Apparently the guys in the trio are all from Atlanta and this is their first show in Nashville.

Of course a performance at Twist is the very definition of intimate setting, and the art will have a strong presence. I assume Kristina Arnold’s installation will still be in place in the front room, and that’s not exactly a bunch of pictures that will fade into the background. She’s made this garden of real plants – those spindly wildflowers with the small white flower with a yellow center – positioned underneath some of her acryllic globes hanging in long pink netted socks.

They’re charging $12 at the door for this, scheduled to start at 7:00. (The Arcade can stay open only so late.)


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