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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Visual Arts Events June 19-29

Got a look at the Frist shows today. Lots of big, big paintings. Modern Baroque. Also, a nice set of drawings—I especially liked the work from Carol Prusa.

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June 19

Tony Hernandez, Gordon Jewish Community Center I know this is getting out too late for the reception (7-9 on Thursday the 19th), but it is an opportunity to let you know that Hernandez, from Tinney+Cannon, has this show at the JCC that runs through June 30. Hernandez takes images inspired by the artwork from the kindercamps in the Nazi concentration camps and isolates them on wood panels. It’s the same body of work he showed earlier at Tinney+Cannon, if you missed that. Or want to see it again.

June 20

In.Form.All. A group show (one night only I believe) featuring Arlene Bates, Betsy Clapsaddle, Charla Steele, Hans Mooy, Judy Klich, Merry Beth Myrick, Shonna Sexton and Stacie Berry. It will be held from 5:30 to 8:30 at 5725 Stoneway Trail.

Frist Center, Color as Field and Shades of Grey. As a DC guy I thought of the Color Field painters as a local phenomenon revolving around Morris Louis, Gene Davis and Sam Gilliam. Washington is a little too close to NY for it to sustain much of its own artistic styles, so you tend to latch onto anything that looks like distinct local product—like Go-Go. Well, that narrow parochial view doesn’t hold up, as this show demonstrates—my DC people are there, but it goes way beyond that and Helen Frankenthaler is really the central figure. This show provides what turns out to be a quick (due to the sheer size of the paintings) survey of this era in American painting (1950-75). In another clever bit of Frist counter-programming, the CAP gallery has black and white drawings by regional artists: Kell Black from APSU, Sue Mulcahy, Jane Allen Nodine (South Carolina) and Carol Prusa (South Florida). Also, a video by Jennifer Steinkamp. The Color as Field curator, Karen Wilken, is speaking at the Frist Center Friday at 6:30.

Renaissance Center: Victoria Boone, Erin Anfinson, Julie Lee, and Doug Stevenson. The Ren Center in Dickson is picking up the pace in getting Nashville artists in front of viewers in Dickson and the surrounding counties. Last month they had John Donovan and the Southern Graphics Council, and this time several people who have been featured in Nashville galleries recently: Victoria Boone had a show at the Parthenon (it sounds like this features some of the same material or a continuation of that body of work), Julie was at Twist, and Erin Anfinson is carried by TAG (but I think the last show I show of hers was at Ruby Green about a year ago, but I might have missed something). This show goes up June 19 or 20, but they are dividing the receptions—they’ll have the reception for Boone and Stevenson on the 20th, the receptions for Anfinson and Lee on the 27th.

June 21

Zeitgeist, Dialogue 3, Sculpture The second in Zeitgeist’s medium shows, sculpture up now. I’m enjoying John Donovan’s recent work, which I think may be a function of its significance sinking in on me. It’s always important to see Greg Pond’s latest work. I haven’t seen Michael Baggarly’s work in a while, so this will be good. Also: Jason Briggs, Mark Bynon, Mark Clarson, Buddy Jackson, Christopher McNulty, Jack Dingo Ryan (who’s leaving town, not sure when—but I believe I was the last person to hear about it), and Bethany Springer.

June 27

Renaissance Center: Erin Anfinson and Julie Lee opening reception. See above—they’re splitting up the receptions this month. June 28

CRAFT: A Creative Community Summer Extravaganza. This group of local artists/artisans had their regular monthly show/sale on June 1, but there’s also doing a second event on Saturday the 28th at Memorial Lutheran Church, 1211 Riverside Drive in East Nashville from 10 to 5.

Cheekwood, A Century on Paper A show of selections from Cheekwood’s collection, starting with early 20th century artists like Reginald Marsh, but it probably picks up in interest with later stuff by Rauschenberg, Ruscha.

June 29

Magpie, etc. A new gallery on 10th Avenue South, trying to extend the activity of 12th itself. The gallery is the project of Emily Harper and Rhiannon Guillet, and in addition to art will have accessories, clothes (designed by Guillet), and jewelry.


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