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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yes, I'm still writing for the Scene

I've been asked often enough whether I'm still writing for the Scene that I'm going to try to start posting the articles here when they get published. But yes, I am still writing reviews, about one a month. I'd like to do more, but it's hard to line up my travel schedule with show openings and press deadlines.

To get us caught up, here's my articles this year in reverse order.

September: Lori Field and Anna Jaap, TAG at Estel

August: Line Up drawing show at Estel

August: Glexis Novoa and Yvonne Buchheim at Cheekwood

July: Color Field show at the Frist

June: Quinn Dukes performance at Twist

May: Nashville Library show on works with words. I think I gave this show more credit than it was due. I was going through some references images, and they weren't so good.

April: Zeitgeist Dialogues painting show

April: Aaron Morgan Brown at The Arts Company. This sure was a good show, nice to recall it.

March: Sam Dunson at TAG. Looking forward to seeing the new work at Vanderbilt--it looks (and from a report tonight sounds) like it builds nicely on the stuff in this show. Or maybe the addition to his visual vocabulary are starting to settle in for me.

February: Oswaldo Guayasamin at Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery

January: Lisa Solomon and Aurora Robson at SQFT (the gallery's last show)

January: Aaron Douglas at the Frist. While we're at it, in the second to last paragraph (it appears as the last graf on the first page on the web), the reference to "performance utterance" should have read "performative utterance." We missed that in the editorial process.


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