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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Visual Arts events update but really self-promotion

I’m sending out a late month update primarily in the interests of self-promotion, but will add a few other events to salve my conscience. The self-promotion part is that I’m playing a show this Saturday afternoon at noon at Twist. That’s right, noon. We’ve set up this show for a group from North Carolina, Savage Knights, who are on their way to gigs in Louisville and Chicago (playing at the Hungry Brain there). As an opener or closer (we’ll see), Joseph Hudson and I are playing. He plays piano and accordion with my saxes. We’re working with material that has a lot in common with one of my great heroes, Fred Anderson of Chicago, but that might not be entirely obvious since it’s overlaid with things like minimalist obsessive repetitive patterns.

So there’s a few other events and openings coming up this weekend. And then it’s Thanksgiving—I hope everyone has a great holiday.

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Nov. 20

Frist, Susan Edwards lecture on photography. The director of the Frist Center takes center stage to deliver a lecture “Is the Medium the Message?” as part of the center’s photography lecture series to accompany their exhibit of works from the Eastman House. Yes, it is a consideration of McLuhan’s ideas as they relate to photography from a phenomenological, sociological, and aesthetic point of view. The lecture is at 6:30.

Nov. 21

Gallery F, Wish List. The second show at Gallery F features work by students from the TSU art department. This department really seems to be blooming, as evidenced by the work on display at the Frist last year. This might have work by some of

those artists. Sabine Schlunk tells me the students are pushing into some experimental territory in their pieces for this show, and I think she’s been encouraging them in this direction. In that spirit, Ash Lusk and Jared Freihoefer will provide “spontaneous sound performances” at the opening.

Watkins, Krstine Larsen, Adam Nicholson, and Mai Lick. The second round of Senior Thesis exhibits for this semester.

Nabit Gallery, Sewanee, April Hannah. Hannah is a Brooklyn-based artist who integrates chance elements into 2- and 3-D work by start with forms generated by automatic drawing.

Nov. 22

Twist, Savage Knights and the Hudson-Maddox Complex. This is that show at Twist. Jack Silverman did a nice write-up in th

e Scene with this description of Savage Knights: “instrumental music that blends the noirish intensity of a Tarantino soundtrack with Ethiopiques-style harmonies, splashes of Moog, droning horns and dissonant explosions.”

Plowhaus at TALS, Something Green: A Children’s Art Show About the Environment. Plowhaus asked 50 children ages 5-10 to make art works showing what the environment means to them. This is

an inherently good idea and I do not doubt it when the Plowhaus’ PR says the children have made some amazing works of art. This show nicely continues Plowhaus’ tradition of community engagement. They will have the opening from 2-6 on the 22nd (so come to our concert at Twist, then go to TALS) and is only going to be up through November 30.

Cumberland, Small Packages. Cumberland’s annual holiday show of small works mostly by gallery artists intended to be a bit more affordable, more in the gift range.


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