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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nashville Visual Arts Events December

Your country needs you. The economy sucks. Phil Bredesen is going to cut every budget he can find. Gas is cheap again, but no one can afford to go nowhere. But buck up. We’ve got a brand new President, and unlike the current one, it looks he will not be a bummer from start to finish. In fact, he shows every indication of being good at his new job. But your country needs…hell, Barack needs you. He would never say that, because it sounds too much like Bush and it’s passive in a way that Obama isn’t (“what do you expect me to do, it’s up to you, I’m just the President”). But I’m not President and am not otherwise doing the country much good, so I can say it. It’s the holiday season. The economy and Barack need you to spend some money. And why not buy some art? There are friendly people all over town anxious to help you stimulate the economy. Just a thought to go with this month’s art listings, which includes several galleries doing “Art under ___” shows (in addition to the shows opening this month, Cumberland is continuing its Small Packages show which opened last month).

And this month, the second Saturday (the 13th) might be as good as first, Ruby Green having got its hands on someone’s private collection, and magpie is turning its space over to Mark Sloniker.

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Dec. 4

Zeitgeist, Jeeyun Lee gallery talk. One of the 3 artists in Zeitgeist’s current show, Lee has contributed really nice ink drawings, long scrolls of paper unveiling delicately patterned forms. The other artists in the show are Christie Nuell (engravings with a kind of industrial feel) and Megan Lightell (calm, crespucular landscapes).

Dec. 5

Threesquared Gallery, Kaaren Engel and Dane Carter. The two artists are exploring imagery of road trips. This gallery is at 427 Chestnut, suite 223.

Sewanee University Art Gallery, Greely Myatt. Myatt is a sculptor in Memphis, one of the main people in the art scene there. His pieces are often visual jokes, rooted in Southern life through forms and materials. The gallery talk is at 4:30.

Dec. 6

Rymer, Inside Out. Pieces by Jon Coffett, Catherine Forster, Brett Osborn, and Casey Pierce. In addition to paintings, Rymer is showing a video piece by Osborn. He attached cameras to the front and back of a car, drove around Atlanta, and then projects the footage onto the windows of Jeep, which have been frosted. The Jeep will be parked out front ofr the gallery.

Twist, Rocky and Mandy Horton, Duncan McDaniel, and JJ Jones’s 12 Minutes of Christmas Rocky is one of the professors at Lipscomb and is leading those students into interesting places. His own work, at least what I’ve seen, is often subdued abstractions, sometimes using materials like photo paper. Mandy’s work (again what I’ve seen, primarily her exhibit last year at Twist) is also abstract, but it’s fleshier and more expressive. McDaniel’s drawings represent on a microscopic level yeast and taste buds, a visual essay on the phenomenon of tasting wine. But, there’s more—JJ Jones will present his 12 Minutes of Christmas performance, where he encloses himself in a big plastic globe and sings Christmas carols until the air inside runs out, about 12 minutes. He will repeat this performance at the top of the hour on Gallery Crawl night. It’s like David Blaine without the international media attention.

Estel, Branch Out: Artists Interpret the Holidays Cynthia Bullinger has had artists associated with the gallery put together pieces that interpret the symbols of the holidays. There are some of Sean O’Meallie’s clever and slick wood sculpture, and ornaments made from cut-up Metrocards by Desi Minchillo, who turned in one of the best shows at Estel last year. There are 9 other artists in the show, including Mr. Hooper.

The Arts Company, Wood, Canvas, and Clay. This group show features artists new to The Arts Company: furniture-maker and painter Randy Shull, mixed media artist Maria-Louise Coil, painter Sarah Emerson, and sculptor Krista Grecco.

Tinney Contemporary, Lost Boys of Sudan. Art work from the Sudanese refugees living in Nashville and making art under the guidance of photographer Jack Spencer.

Downtown Presbyterian Church, Art from the Congregation and Friends. This is the second or third time we’ve done this, ask members of the congregation and friends to bring in a couple of works of art from home to explain. I’ve finally contributed a couple of things this year.

Watkins, Senior exhibits by Jenn Campbell, Shauna Currier and Lisa Deal. All three are doing photography. I’ve seen Lisa’s work in other media, including installations, although this sounds like it will be “straight” photography.

Plowhaus at TALS, Art and Artisans Holiday Show. Affordable art from folks like Andee Rudloff, Ayjey, Carrie Mills, Denny Adcock, Franne Lee, Marlynda Augelli, Miranda Herrick, Tracy Ratliff, and many others. The reception is actually on December 26!

Sera Davis, In a Nut$hell: Under a Grand. The title is pretty self-explanatory. I don’t have information on the artists included.

Mir Gallery, August Hampton. The new gallery in the Arcade, this month with mixed media work on paper and canvas by Hampton.

Gallery One, Group Holiday Show.

Firefinch, Sarah Shearer and Laura Baisden. One-night only “trunk show” of Sarah’s paintings and prints by Baisden. This is at Firefinch’s downtown location on Church near Printer’s Alley. 6-9.

ASK Apparel open house, 5001 Indiana. ASK Apparel is an enterprise by Ali, Sarah and Kate Bellos, who are getting together with the Connect 12 artists group and Thistle Farms to offer art and crafts for sale to benefit four local community organizations (including the homeless meals programs at my church). 2-6 p.m.

December 7

The Rutledge, in.FORM.all fundraiser. A fundraiser for the Happy Tails Humane Society with work by Merry Beth Myrick, Shonna Sexton, Arlene Bates, Judy Klich, Hans Mooy, Jessica Helmey, Gina Emmanuel and Betsy Clapsaddle. 3-6 p.m.

December 10

Gordon Jewish Community Center, Mel Davenport. Black and white Deco-inspired paintings and Pop Art inspired work. Reception from 7-9.

December 12

Renaissance Center (Dickson), Jennifer Stoneking-Stewart. An exhibit by a printmaker who has recently joined the faculty at Belmont.

December 13

Ruby Green, The Best Private Collection in Nashville. From the artist listed, the title may not be hyperbole—Marina Abramovic, Raymond Pettibon, Picasso, Man Ray, Annie Liebowitz, and R. Crumb. This exhibit is drawn from pieces owned by an anonymous private collector in Nasvhille who agreed to lend the art to Ruby Green. In addition to big names nationally, the collection includes work by the best Nashville artists, like Chris Scarborough, Sam Dunson, and Bob Durham.

magpie, etc., Mark Sloniker. A mixed media installation from an artist who creates elaborate scenes with cartoon-like characters.

December 26

Plowhaus at TALS, Art and Artisans Holiday Show. This is the reception for the affordable art show that’s opening on December 6.


  • Dec 12: 6-10pm
    One night only. Free.

    Untitled Winter Show 2008:
    Abominable Art Show
    Location: Gallery East
    1008-C Woodland Street
    (behind Alley Cat @ 5 Points in East Nashville)

    Small, affordable works also available.
    More info:


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