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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Nashville Visual Arts Events March 2010

Last month was a little thin when it comes down to it, but this month looks better. Ron Lambert has a solo show at Davis, Cumberland has a good double bill, and the installation at Twist looks fun as hell.

Also, the Belcourt films noir continue until March 11. And we’ve got our fundraising party this Sunday for the Oscars.

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March 4

Zeitgeist, Justin Terry and Richard Painter. Justin is a native Nashvillian now in New York doing interesting things—in addition to painting, he’s writing about art. Richard Painter creates ghostly images by burning wood in a nice bit of technical virtuosity crossed with a pervasive momento mori quality.

Cumberland, Kell Black book signing. APSU professor Black has done some notable work constructing surprising objects like insects out of paper. Now he’s got a couple of book projects going working from this sort of material, and will be signing one book and displaying the sculptures used in another.

March 5

Watkins College, Aftermath. A group show of more or less local heavies, curated by Pat DeGuira: Harmony Korine, Leigh Ledare, Angela Messina, Laurie Nye, Chris Scarborough, Rob Smith, Brent Stewart, Terry Rowlett, and Kurt Wagner.

Centennial Art Center, Kaaren Engel and Sydney Reichman artists’ talk. 5-7 in the afternoon for this.

March 6

The Arts Company, Snap Shots. This exhibit starts not with art, but poetry, by the late Robert Michie, which will be exhibited along with art work by Anne Goetze, Denise Stewart-Sanabria, and Pam Moxley

Rymer, Dan Addington, L.A. Bachman, Casey Pierce. Of the 3 artists, Pierce might be the most interesting—he has done paintings in the past that were dense with references and pattern.

MIR, Cryptozoology. A group show of work about imaginary and legendary critters: Charles Bennett, Nathan Parker, Steven Knudson, Andrew Casali III, Chip Boles, and Wesley Kinsman Hall.

Blend, Tina Ahyoka. Tina is working primarily with reclaimed glass. The plan for this show was to create an environment in the gallery inspired in part by a temple she came across in Thailand constructed from glass bottles.

Davis Art Advisory, Ron Lambert. Ron moves between dimensions and media, putting out 3D work (“sculptures”) as well as 2D and video work, where sometimes the sound is as striking a part of the experience.

Twist, Oliver and Lucha. From the pictures up already, this looks like a very theatrical and elaborate installation.

Downtown Presbyterian Church, Anti-Depressants. Our annual group show for the Lenten season.

Tinney Contemporary, Lyle Carbajal. A painter with a strong art brut thing going on.

Cumberland, Ahren Arenholz and John Fraser. Arenholz makes appealing constructions out of found materials, painted white to add to their abstract, idealized character. Fraser puts together quiet, calm collages.

March 8

Rocketown, Clean Drips. The Workforce Rebellion group, and maybe others, exhibiting work at Rocketown.

March 11

Cheekwood, Virginia Overton, American Impressionists in the Garden, plus Courtyard and Video gallery openings. Cheekwood is holding an opening for all four of its spaces, including a new video show (which includes work by Kara Walker, Eleanor Antin, and Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley). Cheekwood organized theAmerican Impressionists show and it is traveling to a couple more venues.

March 13

Scarritt-Bennett Gallery F, Native. A group show by artists with connections to Native American cultures, doing work that explores those connections: Ronald Anderson, Adriana Larios, Sara Estes, Brandon Donahue, Jule Kaiser.

March 18

Tennessee State University, Cause Collective talk. Hank Willis Thomas and Jess Ingram from the Cause Collective will give a talk. Their video mosaic of people in Oakland is the inaugural exhibit in the Space for New Media

March 22

Tennessee State University, Annual student show.

March 27

East Nashville Art Stroll


  • Modern Girls Opens In March At Customs House
    CLARKSVILLE - - Women’s History Month at the Customs House Museum is a special treat for the eyes. Opening March 2 is Modern Girls, a show of contemporary works by Tennessee’s foremost female artists. The exhibit includes known painters April Street, Edie Maney, and Julia Martin, woodturner Brenda Stein, installation artists Adrienne Outlaw and Sher Fick, award winning watercolorist Anne Bagby, multi-media artist Denise Stewart Sanabria, sculptor Irene Ritter, and photographer Caroline Allison. The Customs House Museum is located at the corner of Second and Commerce Streets. For more information call 931-648-5780.

    Opening is March 11th, along with artists talks at 5:30 pm. Show dates: March 2 - April 18, 2010.

    (David, I hope it was ok to add this exhibition to your list of art events, it is not quite "Nashville", but does include Nashville artists)

    By Blogger Sher, at 8:15 AM  

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